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You don’t have to compromise to go low carb

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Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

Craving something sweet? Cheesecake, brownies, cakes, pie, peanut butter cups. All desserts are made to order and boast 5 carbs or less per serving.

Photo by Sydney Troxell on Pexels.com

You won’t even miss Pizza Fridays with this amazing fathead dough pizza, with tons of delicious low carb ingredients to choose from.

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A customer favorite – tortilla chips so good that you can bring them to your next game night and they’ll get eaten first. 9 chips for only 2.6 carbs.

About The Girl Behind Those Chips

A former New Yorker turned full-blown Texan, Michaela Ingram is always up to something, whether it be cooking for her giant family, teaching music lessons, or swimming with her 9 kids (and 13 chickens) in the backyard.

Michaela discovered the keto lifestyle 3 years ago and, having never done “low-carb” before, promptly read (and cooked) everything she could get her hands on! After a few successful years and 80 pounds (down) later, her husband decided he’d like to try keto. That’s when things got interesting.

Michaela’s husband wanted to embrace keto, but didn’t think he could give up his favorite foods – tortilla chips, lasagna, enchiladas, and especially desserts. So the research continued, his favorite recipes were tweaked (and re-tweaked), and soon guests were accidentally eating the keto foods first at the football parties.

His gain is now also your gain (or if we’re talking about pounds, your loss)! Not only can you enjoy low-carb, decadent keto meals, sides and treats, but Michaela is willing to tweak your favorite recipes and make them delicious and low-carb too!

Michaela aspires to dabble in something new and wonderful every day, whether it be a Mozart concerto, an acrylic painting, or a delicious low-carb meal. She’d also like to lose 15 more pounds 🙂

Rating: 5 out of 5.