How I (finally) broke through my keto weight loss stall…

Keto Soup Cleanse Results Are In!

As a former carb addict, keto was at first very strange, and also a raging success as far as weight loss went. Following a 22 net carb daily limit, I dropped the first 60 pounds fairly quickly, and then settled into a comfortable but not very exciting 1-2 pounds per week.

Then, COVID-19 happened. And my weight loss stopped – for 3 months. I did not cheat with carbohydrates even once, but my stress levels, insomnia levels, and let’s face it, 0-carb drinking levels, had all skyrocketed, taking my keto success with them.

After a few months of complaining, fretting, and moving the scale to different parts of my bathroom “just in case the floor was uneven and skewing my numbers,” I started reading up on keto weight loss stalls and was horrified to realize that some of my go-to favorites – cheese, almonds, Swerve, and vodka – despite being very low carb, were probably at the root of my plateau.

Enter the keto soup cleanse. I read all about the ever popular IBIH 5-Day Keto Soup Cleanse, with people bragging that they were losing 5-10 pounds in 5 days. Having not lost anything for such a long stretch, I was desperate – I mean, 5 days isn’t that long to do anything, right? Basically, you eat two 2-cup servings of the soup each day, with a 3rd meal of eggs, avocado and bacon, and snacks that consist of lettuce scoops filled with tuna, egg or chicken salad. No sweeteners of any kind, no booze, no nuts, no dairy – eek. But like I said, I was desperate.

First, I tweaked the soup recipe (without altering the carbs) so I could stand eating it all week. Then I loaded up on some cleanse-approved snack foods, had my husband hide the Swerve so I couldn’t be tempted, and dove in headfirst to the world of black coffee and chicken. Chicken. And more chicken. And no vodka to take the edge off.

I’ll spare you the suspense – I did the whole thing without cheating once. And oh my goodness it sucked hard the first 2 days. Apparently my cheese-eating and vodka-sipping habits had crept up on me and kicked me out of ketosis, because by day 2 the keto flu descended with a vengeance. But by day 4 I was feeling so good, better than I had in a long time, that I was actually nervous to stop doing the cleanse. And the soup was delicious enough that even though I was sick of it by Friday, my son and husband were requesting it with their dinner (and breakfast).

Saturday, when I stepped on the scale and had lost 4.6 pounds, I was elated, and motivated. Motivated enough to research another cleanse for the following M-F, which I am currently doing right now and will write about after I see what my results are tomorrow.

Overall, this keto cleanse diet was easy enough to follow for 5 days, though it definitely got boring by day 3. You can find the detailed guidelines to the soup cleanse by visiting the IBIH website, and you can order a five day supply of my tweaked version of the detox soup by texting or emailing me!