Is It Time For Another Cleanse?

It’s been a little while since my last post, but that’s because I have been happily, and slightly manically, cooking in the kitchen for y’all! Since completing the Beef and Butter cleanse, I have settled into a happy routine of losing around 4 pounds each week, simply by eliminating nuts, dairy, sweeteners and alcohol Monday through Friday! I usually gain a pound back over the weekend when I go back to regular keto (under 22 net carbs for me), but 3 pounds down each week after such a long stall has completely reset my motivation. I’m feeling more energetic, still get to eat my favorite keto treats on the weekend and have even gotten used to black coffee 5 days a week, which if you know me at all, is miraculous on its own.

Chip sales have really taken off, especially since introducing the new flavors, which got me thinking – if each full bag of chips is 10.4 net carbs (4 servings of 2.6 each), and I made a few super low-carb dips, what would happen if I did a chips-and-dips cleanse Monday-Friday? I could eat one entire bag each day, and paired with the right dips still stay well under the 22 net carbs I aim for. I could still stay away from sweetener, alcohol and nuts but would obviously have to add dairy back for the dips. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if I could lose 3 more pounds next week living off of those amazing chips???

So, over the next couple of weeks I’m going to come up with a few delicious dip options and post them here, just in case you’re wanting to try the Chips and Dips “cleanse” with me. Then, I just have to make sure I save enough chips for myself to do it….


Published by Michaela Ingram

Michaela Ingram, creator of, and, is a music teacher and keto chef with a wonderfully supportive husband and 9 amazing children, ages 0-21. Her work has been featured in Special Parent and Big Apple magazines as well as on, and Her latest endeavors include working for Daniel's Music Foundation as a music teacher and running ABC Kitchen, which specializes in sugar-free, gluten free and low-carb comfort food. Michaela left her fast-paced life in NYC for an even more exciting adventure in Texas, where she works as a fine arts educator for all abilities. She loves cooking, music, writing, chickens, anything outdoors, homeschooling, and big family life. To check availability for writing and speaking engagements, please email

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