The Chips and Dips Cleanse “Plan”

I went off my M-F cleanse cycles and back to regular keto last week, meaning I added dairy, sweetener, nuts and alcohol back into my diet while staying under 22 net carbs. And I only lost 0.6 pounds… I really want to know which of those things are crippling my weight loss, and I also had a little more stomach discomfort than in past weeks. I had a couple of drinks the week before and still lost 3 pounds, so I’m pretty sure it’s the dairy or the sweetener. In any case, I’ll find out for sure next week, because I’m still cutting sweetener but am doing the CHIPS AND DIPS “cleanse,” which is obviously going to include some dairy.

Here’s the plan so far, not approved by any professional, hatched only in my mind, with no proof whatsoever that it will work:

Each day I will limit myself to a total of 22 net carbs or less. I will consume one 6 oz. bag of chips of any flavor except for cinnamon sugar, which is 4 servings of 9-10 chips at 10.4 carbs. I will have 1 serving of chips with a very low carb dip up to 4 times per day, and if I’m still hungry will supplement with egg salad, 0-carb seafood and meat, and other very low carb dipping implements like celery, pepperoni or salami chips, and lettuce scoops. Some of the dips I will be making are blue cheese dip, chunky guacamole, crab rangoon dip, spinach and artichoke dip, smoked chicken salad and chili con queso. Goodness, I really love dips, just writing about this makes me so excited!

I will keep a detailed journal of what goes into my mouth Monday through Friday, and will let you know if this madness results in any weight loss on Saturday. If I gain weight, it was only one week of experimenting, and I’ll just do the chicken soup cleanse the following week to get back on track. But if I do actually lose weight eating delicious low carb chips and dips, I will be EXTREMELY happy (and maybe a millionaire someday).

Published by Michaela Ingram

Michaela Ingram, creator of, and, is a music teacher and keto cook with a wonderfully supportive husband and 8 amazing children, ages 4-20. Her work has been featured in Special Parent and Big Apple magazines as well as on, and Her latest endeavors include working for Daniel's Music Foundation as a music teacher and creating ABC Kitchen, a sugar-free and low-carb meal prep service Michaela left her fast-paced life in NYC for an even more exciting adventure in Texas, where she works as a fine arts educator for all abilities. She loves cooking, music, writing, chickens, anything outdoors, homeschooling, and big family life. To check availability for writing and speaking engagements, please email

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