Breaking News: ABC Kitchen owner reported MIA, found in the middle of a “cleanse”

Sorry, everybody. I’ve meant to keep you updated on my progress, but have found myself surrounded by chips, dips, and more recently, eggs.

I’m super excited to report that I, and three others, have recently completed the second trial of the Chips&Dips “cleanse,” and all of us lost weight! I lost 2.2 lb this time, but the others lost 5-7 pounds each over 5 days!! Just unbelievable!

I thought I would celebrate by taking the quotation marks off the word “cleanse,” but I just can’t quite make myself call anything that revolves around bags of chips and dip a cleanse, so in honor of this thing actually working, I am going to rename it the Chips&Dips 5-Day Plan, which is a little boring, but more scientifically accurate.

This week, I’m in the middle of an egg fast, my first ever. I started Monday morning and am down 3.6 pounds so far! At first I was really nervous to live off of eggs, cheese and butter, for any length of time, so I planned to do it for 3 days. However, I have actually found the variety of things I can make out of eggs to be endless (chaffles, pancakes, custard, shakes, deviled eggs) so I’m extending my egg fast through Friday for maximum results, I’d love to lose 5 pounds in 5 days!

I’ve been crazy getting the Thanksgiving menu out (found here), and prepping for a tamale weekend, so the egg fast menu items and Chips&Dips 5-Day Plan are not up on the website yet, but if you’re interested in either please don’t hesitate to reach out and I will email you the details!


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Michaela Ingram, creator of, and, is a music teacher and keto chef with a wonderfully supportive husband and 9 amazing children, ages 1-22. Her writing has been featured in Special Parent and Big Apple magazines as well as on, and Her keto and gluten free treats can be found at Marinas Bakery in League City, Funky Monkey in Friendswood, and multiple Luigi's Pizzeria locations. She also enjoys working as a music ambassador for Daniel's Music Foundation. Michaela left her fast-paced life in NYC for an even more exciting adventure in Texas, where she works a lot, plays a lot and sleeps a little. She loves cooking, music, writing, chickens, anything outdoors, homeschooling, and crazy big family life. To check availability for catering, events, in store products, writing and speaking engagements, please email

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