Weight loss too slow? Try an egg fast

I’ve lost 83 pounds doing keto over the last 4 years, which includes dieting through a pandemic and pregnancy, so it’s safe to say that I know what I’m doing as far as carb restriction, intermittent fasting and keeping the weight off go. However, there have been several times when my weight loss has slowed or even stopped for a period of weeks and months – the infamous keto stall.

And here I find myself again, losing and gaining the same 2-3 pounds week after week without cheating until I find myself stepping on the scale for the third time in a morning, hoping that if I pee enough I’ll see the number decrease by 0.2 lb. Sigh.

So yesterday I started my 3-day egg fast, drastic but absolutely necessary. I got on the scale this morning and was thrilled to find that I had already lost 2.7 pounds, just the motivation I needed to continue this very restrictive but effective diet in which you consume very little outside of eggs, cheeses, and good fats (mayo, grassfed butter, olive oil). Sound boring? It can be. But not if you have a few quick and easy recipes to get you by.

Day 1 (Yesterday)

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs in butter with a slice of Havarti cheese melted on top. Bulletproof coffee

Lunch: Cheese wrap with mayo, egg salad and shredded lettuce

Dinner: Omelette with mushroom, spinach, green pepper and garlic wrapped in a mozzarella cheese wrap

Snacks – fried hardboiled eggs with a slice of cheese and yellow mustard

1-ingredient cheese wrap recipe – preheat oven to 375, sprinkle a couple of handfuls of shredded mozzarella or colby jack into a rectangular shape over parchment paper and bake for 7-8 minutes or until the edges are browned all the way around. Let cool, cheese will still be flexible to wrap around your eggs. I also use this wrap for other kinds of sandwiches when I’m not egg fasting and they are easy, extremely low carb, delicious and very filling.

Day 2’s recipes include an egg yolk custard and cloud bread, stay tuned for my progress report!


Published by Michaela Ingram

Michaela Ingram, creator of thefoorce.com, thecentralparkzoo.com and abckitchentexas.com, is a music teacher and keto chef with a wonderfully supportive husband and 9 amazing children, ages 1-22. Her writing has been featured in Special Parent and Big Apple magazines as well as on childmind.org, mommypoppins.com and nymetroparents.com. Her keto and gluten free treats can be found at Marinas Bakery in League City, Funky Monkey in Friendswood, and multiple Luigi's Pizzeria locations. She also enjoys working as a music ambassador for Daniel's Music Foundation. Michaela left her fast-paced life in NYC for an even more exciting adventure in Texas, where she works a lot, plays a lot and sleeps a little. She loves cooking, music, writing, chickens, anything outdoors, homeschooling, and crazy big family life. To check availability for catering, events, in store products, writing and speaking engagements, please email mingram1122@gmail.com.

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