Is It Time For Another Cleanse?

It’s been a little while since my last post, but that’s because I have been happily, and slightly manically, cooking in the kitchen for y’all! Since completing the Beef and Butter cleanse, I have settled into a happy routine of losing around 4 pounds each week, simply by eliminating nuts, dairy, sweeteners and alcohol MondayContinue reading “Is It Time For Another Cleanse?”

Beef & Butter Results Are In!

I was so motivated by results on the Soup Cleanse two weeks ago, that after a weekend off (doing regular keto) I decided to try another 5-day cleanse, Beef and Butter. For 5 days, I once again grudgingly gave up sweeteners, nuts, dairy and alcohol (I had one drink Wednesday night with my hubby), thoughContinue reading “Beef & Butter Results Are In!”

How I (finally) broke through my keto weight loss stall…

Keto Soup Cleanse Results Are In! As a former carb addict, keto was at first very strange, and also a raging success as far as weight loss went. Following a 22 net carb daily limit, I dropped the first 60 pounds fairly quickly, and then settled into a comfortable but not very exciting 1-2 poundsContinue reading “How I (finally) broke through my keto weight loss stall…”